Michelle Johnson

Michelle Johnson

Vice President, Political & Advocacy


About Michelle Johnson

As Vice President of Political & Advocacy for iHeartMedia, Michelle Johnson is responsible for leading Republican and right-leaning outreach efforts aimed at helping campaigns, committees, and consultants design high-impact advertising campaigns across iHeartMedia’s platforms. With over a decade of experience in political advertising, Michelle has a proven track record of building effective campaign strategies that combine advertising (radio, podcast, digital, CTV) and experiential assets (on-air interviews, on-site activations, social amplification) to help clients achieve their objectives and motivate voters. She also serves as an in-house Republican policy and strategy advisor and coaches local political liaisons across iHeartMedia’s 160 markets.

Before joining iHeartMedia, Michelle served as the Director of Advertising for an independent expenditure organization, where she was responsible for directing all political and high-level issue advocacy marketing across all PACs and non-profits, overseeing more than $250M in spending from 2014-2019. As part of that effort, she helped to develop and launch the first in-house issue and political advertising capability, and established best practices for robust multi-million-dollar, national, and multi-state-wide advertising campaigns for engagement in all Senate, House, and gubernatorial races, while managing creative direction and production for all television, radio, digital, mail, and print materials.