Damian Arias

Damian Arias

Digital Fundraising Director and Prospecting Manager


About Damian Arias

Damian has built a long career in digital fundraising bringing a thoughtful approach to online fundraising.

Through his commitment to meaningful messaging and innovation, he has quietly made significant strides in enhancing donor outreach and experience. 

Currently, Damian serves as the Digital Fundraising Director and Prospecting Manager for the NRSC. In this role, he has broadened the Committee’s network of supporters, while increasing engagement and retention throughout the 2023-2024 cycle.

Previously, he was the Digital Director for America Rising PAC during the 2022 cycle. He crafted a digital fundraising strategy that catapulted revenues by 720% and expanded the donor base by 549%—despite a limited budget and a challenging economic environment.

Arias has worked for various nonprofit entities and has held digital positions at the NRCC during the 2016 and 2018 cycles. Damian’s influence is felt across the Republican digital ecosystem.